Maple Gifts - Vermont Style!

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Vermont Maple Syrup & Candy!
Assorted Maple Syrup Containers

Our most popular offerings of
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
make great gifts!

Gallon & larger boxes make great gifts - be they for family & friends or for yourself!

View our Complete Assortment of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, and other Vermont Maple products.


Please Note: We can also fill orders in special glass containers for weddings and parties upon special request. Please contact us if interested.


These Items Can Be Purchased Online & Shipped:

Sizes: Syrup Grades: Price:
"The One & A Half"
[Box of 3 - Half Gallon Jugs]

Shipping Included
"Gallon Sampler"
[Box of 4 - One Quart Jugs]

Shipping Included
"Smith Gallon"
[Box of 2 - Half Gallon Jugs]

Shipping Included

These Items Can Be Purchased Online & Picked up at the Sugarhouse:

Sizes: Syrup Grades: Local
Pick-up Price:
"The One & A Half"
[Box of 3 - Half Gallon Jugs]
Local pick-up only
"Gallon Sampler Box"
[Box of 4 - One Quart Jugs]
Local pick-up only
"Smith Gallon"
[2 - Half Gallon Jugs]
Local pick-up only

Shipping prices are based upon current United States Postal Service rates, and are subject to change.


Should you have any questions or concerns about your order or the process of ordering, don't hesitate to contact us directly.


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