About Our Grass-Fed Beef

Eight Generations of Vermont Farming


We have raised grass-fed cattle for more than 3 generations. Our stock free-grazes on roughly 160 acres of our own pasture land and are finished off on the lush 2nd and 3rd growth hay of our meadows through November. During the winter months our cows continue to be fed the farm's naturally grown hay. We are committed to developing healthy and hearty cattle without the use of hormones and no commercial fertilizers are used at Smith Maple Crest Farm. Our attention to detail in the care of our cows ensures that the meat is higher in protein, leaner, and healthier for you.

 At our Farm Store we offer choice cuts of our fresh frozen beef.  We always have a wide variety of cuts available to the public for purchase. If you cannot make it to our Farm Store which is open Saturday and Sundays 11am - 3:00 pm (or by appt) you can purchase limited cuts locally at the newly renovated "Pierce's Store", located here in Shrewsbury.

Beef Box Information: We have created Freezer Box Specials to help us manage our inventory. These specials are available on a "while-they-last" basis at our Farm Store only.

  • Burger Box $66.00 13 lbs of our grass-fed Ground beef

  • Steaks may consist of London Broil, Round, or Sirloin Steaks 

  • Roasts may consist of Chuck, Shoulder, Top, or Bottom Round

*  It doesn't happen often, but we reserve the right to substitute steak and roast counts and cuts based on availability.



Visit our store to see the "Box Special of the Month"

Our beef products are available only as local pick-up items.


Please contact us to arrange a farm visit!

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